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Product/Offer Searches
We have created consumer-friendly versions of product/offer searches, allowing consumers to search for vacation packages in the categories of Cruises, Hotels & Resorts, Land & Tour, Packages & Promotions. We display your call to action within the searches – so consumers can get in touch with you via email or phone regarding offers that interest them. All of the leads that come in via email are emailed to you as well as collected in a control panel so you can screen, sort and download those leads.


Virtuoso cruise professionals start planning each exclusive cruise vacation with competitive prices on hundreds of departures on the world's choice cruise lines. Then, Virtuoso adds exclusive benefits that might include accommodations in five-star resorts, dinner at Michelin-starred restaurants, private land tours, personable onboard hosts, shipboard credits and exclusive cocktail receptions - exclusively for all Virtuoso travel clients.
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Featured Getaways

30-50 supplier-provided offers updated monthly (the same offers as Virtuoso’s Travel ASAP email). Each offer includes a picture as well as a “request more info” button giving the consumer a direct way to get in touch with you. Offers are automatically removed when they have expired – so you never need to worry about displaying out-of-date content on your website.

Sonoma-San Francisco Getaway, Free Night Offer

Sonoma-San Francisco Getaway, Free Night Offer

Combine city and country with this exclusive experience at Fairmont San Francisco and Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. In Sonoma, enjoy a third night free, Michelin-starred dining, 40,000-square-foot willow steam spa, wine tasting, and Virtuoso amenities; in San Francisco, receive your fourth night free, a room upgrade, if available; breakfast; $100 dining credit; and more. Connect with your Virtuoso travel advisor for rates. Available until August 30, 2018 (Sonoma); until January 31, 2019 (San Francisco).
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Virtuoso Special Offers
Supplier-provided offers updated monthly featuring specific offers or general services. Each offer includes a picture as well as a “request more info” button just like the Featured Getaways above. Offers are automatically removed when they have expired – so you never need to worry about displaying out-of-date content on your website.



New for 2019, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection charts a course along the alluring
Moselle and Rhine rivers. Germany’s most spectacular backdrops come into focus, from
Cologne to Frankfurt, featuring timber-framed houses, dramatic castle ruins, charming wine
villages, lofty mountains, and more. Virtuoso Voyages benefits include a custom curated
shore excursion in Rüdesheim, a private cocktail reception, and an onboard host.

Virtuoso fares from $3,899 per person. River Queen departs April 23, 2019. Virtuoso exclusive experience includes a $200 shipboard credit per person.

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Digital Editions of Virtuoso Publications
Digital editions of Virtuoso Life, Virtuoso Traveler, Best of the Best, the Themed Travel Catalogs/Destination Guides and VAST are all available. You can add each digital edition to its own page, or link to the content via a text link or button. Each digital edition is kept current with the most recent issue. Virtuoso Life and Virtuoso Traveler each update 6 times per year, the Themed Travel Catalogs/Destination Guides update 12 times per year and Best of the Best and VAST update once per year.

Virtuoso Life - The Wow Issue

When it comes to high-end travel, it’s not difficult to find examples of over-the-top trips full of jaw-dropping moments. But over the last decade, savvy travelers have begun to seek something more, shifting away from flash and fanciness to purposeful, immersive pursuits. This issue showcases those deeper kinds of “wow” experiences, from trips that make a difference to sustainably focused hotels and personal reports from staffers on their own impactful experiences. Here’s to a lifetime of wow moments, wherever you go.

Go Big, Give Big
10 momentous trips that make a positive impact.

A Family Affair
Virtuoso sustainability ambassador Jessica Hall Upchurch, affectionately known as “Mother Earth with a lasso,” shares how purpose-driven travel can make the world a better place.

A Study Abroad
Zander Galli’s far-reaching gap year – between middle school and high school – opened his eyes to a world of wonders.

Chain Reaction
Dramatic mountains and coastlines, dueling cultures, and the ever-present wind in your hair link up for a great bike ride through Slovenia and Croatia.

Ready for a Thrill
Lakefront charm and heart-pumping pursuits in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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Virtuoso Traveler - America the Beautiful

The coast is clear and steeped in culture, history, and nature – at America’s top seaside towns. From New England to Kauai’s North Shore, we’ll point you toward some of our favorites – and show you where to surf, shop, savor fresh seafood, sip locally inspired cocktails, and slip your toes in the sand. Also inside the August issue of Virtuoso Traveler: how forward-thinking hotels are helping preserve Bali’s cultural heritage (and other sustainably minded travel providers whose efforts are making the world a better place), high adventure in Jordan, our photo essay from legendary photographer Steve McCurry, and why Washington, D.C. should be your next long-weekend getaway.

Shore Thing
The coast is clear – and steeped in culture, history, and nature – at America’s seaside stars.

Staying Power
On Bali, forward-thinking hotels help preserve the island’s singular culture.

D.C. Do-Over
A flurry of new attractions brings fresh energy to the U.S. capital.

Winners All
Here’s to this year’s Virtuoso Sustainable Tourism Leadership Awards finalists, whose efforts are creating a brighter future for everyone.

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2018 Virtuoso Best of the Best 

2017 Virtuoso Best of the Best Discover incredible worldwide destinations with detailed information on more than 1,200 Virtuoso-preferred hotels and resorts. Use this directory to collaborate with your Virtuoso travel advisor and customize your next extraordinary getaway. As you peruse the listings, you’ll find valuable information, including insider tips from Virtuoso travel advisors to help you make the most of your time, as well as exclusive hotel and resort amenities. Everything from room upgrades and free Wi-Fi to extra perks like spa treatments and three-course meals – all complimentary and available through your Virtuoso travel advisor.

Take your Travel to a New Level
Enjoy exclusive amenities compliments of your Virtuoso travel advisor.

Pick your dream travel destination and compare hotels and resorts.

Exceptional Experiences
Explore 54 pages of inspiration for trips around the globe.

Curated Experiences
Your key to finding the perfect stay at a glance.

Award Winners
The votes are in and these are the tops picks.

Virtuoso Preview Program
Hotels and resorts opening soon.

Floating Hotels
Find your ideal cruise experience and see the world in style.

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Destinations Guide: Trip Planner

Looking Ahead
In a world where vacation options are boundless, it’s never too early to map out your future travels. (PSA: The holidays are right around the corner.) So whether you’re thinking about a warm-weather beach stay, crossing off a bucket list destination, or organizing a multigenerational Thanksgiving getaway, this guide has information to help and inspire you. It’s time to start planning.

Travel Goals
You know those dream destinations stashed away in the back of your mind? Life is short – what are you waiting for? Virtuoso has relationships with 1,700 of the world’s best hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour companies, and other partners, some of which are featured in this guide, and they all offer exclusive amenities and privileged access to some of the world’s most beautiful places and experiences. So get going and call your advisor. Who knows, you might even discover a few places to add to your travel wish list.

Gear Up: Road-Trip Ready
Smart tech to keep drinks cold, tunes hot, and your phone juiced.

Postcard: Winging It
High-flying adventure in the forests of Killarney.

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Virtuoso Adventure Travel

Expand Your Horizons
Life’s an adventure, and the world is waiting to be explored. Whether you’re seeking cycling tours or safaris, expedition cruises or immersive cultural journeys, Virtuoso’s active and adventure travel partners promise elevated experiences suited to your style, coupled with a commitment to preserving the cultures and ecosystems in the places you’ll visit.

 We’re passionate about adventure travel, and we can leverage our relationships with the partners you’ll read about in these pages to craft your next vacation. From quick escapes to far-flung trips of a lifetime, expect professional, personalized travel planning, plus customized itineraries, VIP treatment, exclusive amenities, and insider access wherever you roam. Here’s to your next adventure ...

No longer a trend but a transformative movement, sustainable travel offers a brighter future for all.

18 unexpected, unconventional, and largely undercover spots to put atop your wish list.

New Zealand’s Milford Sound: A stunning natural wonder at the end of the earth.


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Virtuoso Luxury Traveler Blog Posts
The mission of Virtuoso’s blog, Virtuoso Luxury Traveler, is to give a face and voice to the excitement of luxury travel and the value of working with a Virtuoso travel advisor. Here you’ll discover enticing destinations, the newest trends, and expert tips to help you plan your travel. You’ll also learn about the value a Virtuoso travel advisor can bring as your partner in the travel design process. The priority is to provide useful and interesting information to travelers, including:

  • The latest luxury travel trends and how you can make the most of these
  • Insider insights about everything from industry developments to unusual experiences and places
  • A look at worldwide destinations, including tips for can’t-miss sights
  • Ideas for planning your next trip
  • Inspiration to book your future vacations and remind you of the enrichment travel brings to your life


A Travel Advisor on Why Sustainable Tourism Matters 

A Travel Advisor on Why Sustainable Tourism Matters

Sheila Gallant-Halloran, a travel advisor, talks sustainable travel trends and where to go in 2018. Read More 

Five Favorite Coffeehouses Around the World 

Five Favorite Coffeehouses Around the World

Discover history and sumptuous interiors that’s even more buzzworthy than what’s in your cup. Read More 

The Closest You'll Get to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding 

The Closest You'll Get to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding

Virtuoso’s connections may secure you the best view for the next royal wedding. Read More 

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