Private Label Sites

Private Label Sites

Private Label Sites are copies of the regular website, but with your logo at the top of every page - and only your travel advisors are viewable and contactable.

These sites are designed to be used as suppliments to your own website and are free with your Virtuoso membership. Many Agencies that have their own website link to these pages, allowing them to utilize the different product offerings on, without having to manage a massive database of constantly updating content themselves.

You can provide your clients with links to's wealth of resources while maintaining a connection with your agency's brand, and without fear of them contacting an advisor from another agency.

Please note: In order for Advisors to appear on a Private Label Site, they must have a complete and publically visible profile on

There are two distinct types of these sites available: "Advisor" and "Agency" Private Label Sites .

Agency Private Label Sites
Every member agency of Virtuoso is able to have an Agency Private Label site.

On an Agency Private Label Site, every advisor in your agency who has a completed profile on is visible in the Advisor Catalog of your site. (At this time it is not possible to have Agency Private Label sites for individual branches, offices or sub-brands of your agency unless they have their own Agency profile within

There is no cost for this as it is included in your membership of Virtuoso.

Click here to see an example of an Agency Private Label Site.

See how to use an Agency Private Label Site.

Advisor Private Label Sites
Advisor Private Label sites are available for individual advisors and ICs. On these sites, you will be the only advisor who is visible and contactable.

These sites can be setup free of charge, but please check that your profile is complete before sending a request for setup.

Click here to see an example of an Advisor Private Label Site.

See how to use an Advisor Private Label Site.

What can be edited on these sites?

Private Label sites offer the convenience of a quick and easy site that maintains itself alongside of the generic Because of this functionality, they are limited as to what can be edited. However, you do have control of the following:

  • Info/photo that is placed on each Advisor's profile
  • The header at the top of the site (your profile logo will be used by default)
  • A link to your separate hosted site can be added to the top right-hand corner of the site
  • It is possible to redirect a custom domain name to these sites, but you must purchase and manage the domain to be used - for example:

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